5 Must-Have Online Budgeting Tools You Need



In the vacillating financial times of today, financial management is more important than before. Money management is not restricted to living within your means by sticking to your monthly budget, but creating a balanced plan to meet your short and long-term financial goals.

Manually logging in your monthly expenses can get challenging, so why not choose online budgeting tools that help you keep a track of where your money is going! The Digital Era has opened avenues for several exciting tools that can assist you with sound financial planning that yield more profits.


Why choose online money management tools?

With exponentially improvement in technology, countless aspects of our lives have become easier. With the advent of online tools for money management, you can save money, devise budget plans, set financial goals, earn cash or rewards and also pay bills. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well it is true. Here’s a look at some of the best online money management tools that make life simpler for you:


1.    MoneyDance

Looking for online banking, bill payments, account management, budgeting or investment tracking? If yes, MoneyDance is the best personal finance tool that can handle multiple types of financial transactions with greater ease. This ingenious tool is available for free trial as well, where you can enter a maximum of 100 manually entered transactions.


2.    MoneyWiz

This powerful app helps you manage your accounts, budgets and bills in one place, and helps you generate tons of powerful reports. You can also contemplate moving from your current software to MoneyWiz, which adds the much-needed flexibility. Its amazing features make it one of the popular online financial planning tools that are highly customizable and versatile.


3.    FlexScore

Ever wondered how well you’re managing your finances? Perhaps a FlexScore is what you need! This planning tool is one of the simplest online budgeting tools to help you gauge your financial plan accuracy. Equipped with 256-bit SSL Encryption, this tool provides you a secure environment where you can log in your details. Keep your finances in check by choosing this amazing tool!


4.    Personal Capital

Managing your investments and assets gets simpler with this suite of financial tools that provides you with visibility into your accounts with a single secure login, which is agnostic to all devices. These tools simplify financial management for you, with integration of proprietary technology for all your personal finance needs.


5.    Cubux

This robust application helps in tracking your personal and family finances, with a simplified access. In terms of flexibility and security, Cubux rules the league of all online money management tools, as it is replete with every essential feature such tools should have! It is easy-to-download, password-protected, budgeted and enables simple collaboration, when needed.


Want to know what is the cherry on the cake? Well, Cubux is a free budget app and there are no ads! The upcoming features are touted to include loans, synchronization with banks, in-depth graphs and reports. The low cost, easy customization and simplicity of this application makes it a must-have indeed.