Free Online Budgeting Tools – Cubux vs YNAB


In today’s fast-paced economic times, balancing the books and accounts is more important than ever... But for how long can you simply rely on the good old pen and paper? Advancements in technology have necessitated the need for budgeting tools, which make life easy by helping you do away with manual entries.


When it comes to choosing the best tools, would you choose paid or free online budgeting tools? Well, if it were me, I’d go for automated tools that could handle my finances by themselves... And if it were to be for free, what could be better than that!


I looked up for several budget tools on the Internet, and came across some good ones. The path to smarter money management was just a few tools away, perhaps. So, I chose to try Cubux and YNAB. Here’s a brief lowdown on my experiences with both budgeting software.


You Need a Budget (YNAB) for Budgeting

Are you comfortable with the old fashioned way of handling budgets – where you have a log of incomes and expenditures added in spreadsheets? If yes, YNAB is a good way to maintain a dashboard of your earned income and expenditures. The usage of technology in this app helps you with simplified budgeting. It prompts you with several budgeting related advice and ideas, so you can take right decisions.



The app becomes a centralized repository containing all your financial information, which it pulls from your financial accounts in real-time. The app could be the perfect fit for people interested in a conventional form of budgeting, but there are many free budget tools online.

Built on the philosophy of financial responsibility, YNAB syncs with your bank accounts. With YNAB, you can take control of your budgeting and even make use of the latest web-based version. You can also try the 34-day free trial for YNAB for simplified budgeting.


Though the app has several advantages, it may not be the best choice for people looking to track their investments. When paying a huge one-time fee for using this app, you may expect the comfort of bill payments or investment monitoring. However, with YNAB, you don’t get these comforts, which is why it is not a very reliable budgeting tool.


Cubux – One of the best free online budgeting tools!

Accounting for the family budget or personal finance can be taxing, but Cubux can put an end to all your budgeting woes. As one of the most reliable budgeting tools, it provides you with easy access and syncs with your bank accounts.



One thing I personally loved was that the software is free, and there are no ads!

With strong password protection, multiple currency support and scheduled operations, Cubux has an easy, user-friendly interface that makes it one of the best free online budgeting tools. Go beyond personal budgeting, and track your expenses on a daily basis with Cubux.


You can record your expenses and incomes on the fly with this easy budget app, which is agnostic to all devices. I think Cubux was way better than even paid budgeting tools, because of its feature-rich offerings.


I loved Cubux, but people who want a simple app to work as a finance dashboard may gravitate towards YNAB... But for a simple dashboard, why would you choose a paid budgeting tool when you get more from a free tool? What are your thoughts? Share your thoughts about YNAB and Cubux via comments below!