Online money management tools

Online money management tools


We all work hard to get our money and we need to work smart to keep to a budget. The way to go nowadays is with an online money management tool. There are so many online budgeting tools to wade through and we have chosen some of the best to highlight here. You need to find a tool that allows you a variety of options for your particular budget. The ability to see at a glance where you stand each month and see where your money is going is important to us all. Being able to plan your budget is an important aspect so you can see for the year what you need to save and where you need to allocate extra money as expenses arise.

Budget options

The best online financial planning tools allow you to customise your budget to include as many options as you need, from housing to clothes, kids, pets and cars. is one site that allows for many options. It even has one for those little extras we all crave for. Being able to pigeon hole many categories means that we can see where every cent is going.

Categories should include the following:

  • House/mortgage

  • house expenses

  • car

  • food

  • health

  • school

  • kids

  • fitness

  • pets

  • clothes

  • others

Easy to use home screen

An ideal online money management tool needs to be easy to use with everything just a click away. The home screen should contain all the information you need to find like expenses or income, or extras like reminders and tags that are seen on The dashboard allows you to go to any category with just one click. Demo modes show you how the sites work in a simple and easy to understand way. This way you can see if this site is for you.


Tracking banking

Some of the online budgeting tools allow you to sync your banking with your budget. With all of the security and encryption for online transactions syncing your bank accounts should not be a problem. But if you don’t want to sync them you can still add them manually to sites like Sites like BudgetTracker, Mint and Tiller are examples of sites where your banking needs to be synced. Tiller also only offers a free trial period after which you need to purchase the programme. There are a few programs that only offer a free trial period after which you need to purchase the program.


For ease of use and the layout of the pages stands out as the winner among online financial planning tools. You have a large range of categories and can see exactly where your money is going. You are also able to move money around from one category to another. is also a good budgeting tool but overall offers you more freedom to move money around if it is needed.